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"Preserving the beauty in our world"

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Fully registered member of the UK Guild of Taxidermists

I am a taxidermist based in the beautiful hills of South Wales, UK. 


I have always been passionate about nature in all its forms.  As a child, I was always bringing home injured wildlife to nurture back to health and collecting feathers and bones I found out on my walks with my grandparents and mother.  They taught me that the world we live in is beautiful but also delicate and that as upsetting as death is, it is a natural part of our existence.

It wasn't until many years that I stepped cautiously into the world of preservation.  I firmly believe that the spark or spirit in all of us, humans and animals alike leaves our bodies on death.  The body is but a memory, a husk if you like, and we can either let it rot away or create an interactive memory for others to admire.

Through taxidermy, I aim to immortalise the beautiful creatures that have sadly left our world.  I know it is not for everyone, but for me personally, it is just another element to my love of animals.  They bring so much joy and beauty to this world in life, I enjoy letting that magic live on even after their deaths.


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I now specialise in mammals and work hard to create beauty from something that is otherwise depressing.  I also specialise in pet memorials, so please look at this particular page on my website for more details.  I not only do taxidermy, but offer a range of pet memorial pieces to suit everyone's tastes and comfort zones, to help keep the memory of our beloved furred family members alive.

All my taxidermy is legal and cruelty free.  I will never work with anything that I do not know the background of, or has been obtained through methods I consider morally wrong.  I am a fully registered member of the Guild of Taxidermists and as such adhere to all laws and regulations surrounding my craft.  If you have any questions about any of my work, or are interested in my services, please do contact me.

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