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Pet Taxidermy Q&A 

  • Can I contact you about having my pet taxidermied or memorial pieces?
    Yes you can. I offer a variety of options to remember your pet by. Remember the most important step is to take time to grieve and consider your options though. Try to leave it a few days before making any big decisions.
  • My pet has just died. What should I do if I am considering taxidermy?
    Your pet needs to be frozen immediately. Wrap your beloved pet up carefully; I suggest either wrapping in a blanket or paper towels and then wrapping them tightly in clingfilm. You want to avoid the cold air coming directly into contact with your pets body to avoid freezer burn. As long as stored properly, your pet will be safe for you to take time and consider options. Do not rush the decision making period. Have a look through my galleries, have a chat to me if you wish, but make sure you take the time to grieve and consider all options first.
  • Why is pet taxidermy so expensive?
    Pet taxidermy requires a lot more time, skill and resources and is far more technically demanding than regular taxidermy. It requires a lot more time and specialist techniques which are essential to a successful pet mount. The forms need to be custom made as well as a lot of additional, non-studio related time dedicated to client consultations which needs to be accounted for. The end result is far closer to that of museum quality specimens rather than standard commercial mounts. This is why many taxidermists refuse to handle pets all together.
  • I can't afford taxidermy or cremation for my pet.
    I have many options available on a budget that can be discussed directly with me. I also offer payment plans with a down deposit. If you would like your pet to be immortalised through taxidermy but don't feel that you would want them returned, I also offer free memorial pieces for every cat or dog donated to my art.
  • How long does taxidermy take?
    This can be difficult to estimate but the majority of taxidermy commissions take anywhere between 4 months and 24 months. Anything over a year is usually reserved for larger animals or pet commissions. Skull cleaning can also take longer due to the process being dependent on the elements! Time frames can be discussed and partially agreed upon but due to the nature of this art, sometimes issues arise that may extend estimated dates.
  • I am not local to you. How can I get my pet to you?
    Contact me to discuss this! There are a variety of options. In some cases, I can arrange to collect but there are also courier and postal services which are very reliable that are regularly used by taxidermists and their clients. I will advise how to pack your beloved pet or specimen safely and can even arrange couriers for you.
  • I want to donate an animal or pet to your art
    I always appreciate donations and it can save the stress and expense of paying for cremation or collection! Please ensure the animal in question is frozen immediately and I can get back to you to arrange collection or postage. I also provide complimentary memorial pieces for any pets donated.
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